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Usage and Attitude (U&A) Study

A Usage and Attitude (U&A) study is a type of market research that focuses on understanding how consumers use a particular product or service and their attitudes towards it. This service enables you to refine your strategies precisely, addressing specific pain points and enhancing overall satisfaction.


“Ideal for those seeking only field services.“ We're the go-to crew for real-deal data on the ground, covering field, data, and interviews. Think of us as your info ninjas, ensuring everything's spot-on, from picking the right participants to delivering super insightful interviews.


"We empower your business growth and strategic decision-making in the dynamic trade landscape through trade surveys. Utilize quantitative research to gather insights on target market views, trade outlets & distribution check _channels segments, Top Brand share, pricing, marketing activities and more."


Our research insights help you to breaking down the markets or customers into unique squads with shared vibes for spot-on marketing. We gather insights using a blend of rad research methods like IDIs, ethnography, home visits, focus group discussions and statistical & cluster analysis.


Help developing and overseeing a company's brand. It's a game-changer for truly grasping, constructing, and effectively steering a brand in today's dynamic market. Dive into essential tools like the Brand Value Index, Brand Health tracking, Customer Journey Mapping, and more.


We're all about shaping cool stuff from the get-go! Dive into the process of dreaming up, creating, and launching new or upgraded products, services, or apps. We're vibing with focus groups, CLT, launch surveys, and real user testing to hear what's hot, what's not, and make things awesome!


We help business to uncover consumer insights, that brings in the wins and keeps things going strong in the market. Employ qualitative and quantitative research methods, including face-to-face/phone interviews, IDIs, focus group discussions, consumer surveys, mystery shopping and store intercept surveys.

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